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You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, had kitchen table discussions with friends and family, but still haven’t found the resolve you’re looking for. The things you’ve tried have been helpful, but each has its limits that leave you yearning for more. You’re looking for someone that can strategically walk with you through your unique path.

My name is Latasha Teamer. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and the Clinical Director of HOPE Therapeutic Alliance. I’m affectionately known as the kid person! I’m the one you want to bring your child to, because I major in minors! I know that watching your child struggle is heartbreaking and sometimes frustrating, so I teach you and your child the necessary skills needed to succeed.

I am also a certified General Education Teacher (EC-6) and taught for several years in an elementary school. When your child begins to exhibit concerns in the academic setting, I can help. I have in depth knowledge about the school system with proven skills and experience to ensure your child’s academic as well emotional success. I attend 504 and IEP meetings, ARDs, and parent/teacher conferences to help ensure that the accommodations agreed upon are created to address your child’s unique needs.

There’s HOPE for you too!

In addition to my expertise in all thing’s kids, I specialize in trauma and have received advanced training and certification to better assist you. I often utilize the cutting-edge techniques of EMDR and TF-CBT in sessions to recognize and respond to the signs and trauma symptoms you experience. I’ve lived and experienced trauma. I understand how it affects our bodies, which in turns affects our lives. I’m living proof that you can be freed from past experiences and live a healthier, freer life. I walk with you in empathy and understand the grip that certain experiences have on you. I equip you to break the chains of bondage, so you’re no longer defined by what you’ve been through.

Beyond the clinical side of me.

I’m human! I’m a wife, mother of 3 beautiful children, and animal lover. I was born in Odessa, but raised in San Antonio, TX. I love horseback riding, dancing, and eating Hot Tamales for breakfast! Oh, and Smoothie King is my jam! I balance my professional and personal life by spending quiet time with God and curling up in bed reading books. When I’m not in the office, I am clocking in as my kid’s unpaid Uber driver, traveling with family, hanging out with friends, or engaging in Pinterest inspired crafting projects!

That’s enough about me. I’m ready to learn about you! Book your 15-minute consultation or appointment here.

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